If you build it...

they will eat, drink, sleep and so on.


Our Story

New dog. New crate. Sound familiar? It should. The crate is one of the first purchases we made as new dog owners. Fast forward a few years, and a home remodel, that same crate begins to look more like a cage. A cage surrounded by pet supplies, water bottles and dog food. Definitely not a compliment to our new home makeover. The solution was clear. We decided to build a new home for our dog with a few added amenities to help manage "his property" more efficiently.

Now we're living the good life! No more crate and no more clutter. We can easily store the dog food, water, grooming supplies, chew toys and treats all in one place.

When you invest in The Modern Dog House for your pup, you're getting functionality, personalization, and style. Not to mention, a great conversation piece when guests come to visit.